Let's Talk About...

Wealth Management...

It's not just about buy and hold any more. At CWA, we implement specific investment strategies tailored to our client's risk tolerance, family situation and personal preference.

  •  ETF-based trading strategies
  •  Option-based income strategies
  •  Buy and hold, but with continuous oversight

  •  Traditional mutual funds
  •  Leveraged index fund strategies

Estate Planning...

Think of us as the quarterback of the estate planning team. Through careful planning, and close teamwork with your attorney and CPA, we ensure that the client's wishes are properly executed.

Because we are independent, we are free to seek out and select the most suitable life and long term care insurance products for the client. Our cost and rating analysis enables us to help the client choose the optimal product for their needs. We are certified to offer NYS Partnership for Long Term Care insurance.

Retirement Income Planning...

We work with tax professionals to make sense of our client's tax picture. Every decision is based on a sensitivity to the client's needs and preferences, tax awareness and a focus on long term results.

We help our clients navigate through the retirement maze. Rollovers, Roth conversions and income projections are just a few of the issues we help our clients address.


Service & Experience...

CWA's highly qualified team brings over 60 years of experience to the challenge of managing wealth in difficult times.
CWA's partners and affiliates have achieved rigorous certification standards, including:

-Certified Financial Planner CFP

-Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC
-Chartered Life Underwriter CLU
-Licensed Attorney
-Kevin, Nick and Chip received the Retirement Planning certification by The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania

Our management fee structure is flexible and can be based on assets and/or performance.